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I am posting this here to share and because apparently I am not getting a reply from [email protected] nor from [email protected]
To whom it may concern,
It does not matter what yoga class I take or with who.
It inevitably has a playlist with western pop/rock/R&b or similar music (which I love but not for yoga) and there is no single class with either indian music, calm, relaxed, or bowls sounds, drones or anything remotely associated with the concept and philosophy of yoga, deep breathing, relaxation, awareness and introspection.

You take care of the visual setting of the class, a clear, lean, relaxed and open space, the lights, same idea, and the look of the instructor,
Why omit the incredible important factor of music (aural setting) and its relationship with mood, vibe and the completeness of the yoga experience????????????.
Why not put a wall full of posters, with pop stars, or picture of a crowded city block or market or a very busy background with furniture? like a tv program or similar? Sounds "bad" and completely inappropriate right? Well that is how I feel when I can not shut down the "bar" "chill out" or whatever music on the yoga classes (because I would not hear the instructor). So if you are not providing anything remotely close to a real yoga class (in musical terms) at least give us the option to mute the music and I will provide my own. You treat every yoga class like a spinning class at the gym and that is simply wrong and pisses me off. You may be proud of the fact that you have an infinite amount of classes, instructors, styles, levels and so on so forth. Unfortunately none of them provide a real yoga experience. That is a shame because I really like the whole peloton experience and the yoga classes.
I Hope you can fix this issue.
Agustin Conti
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